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dear coffee

Why did I think drinking you at 10pm was a good idea?? I know why!! I can't avoid roll up the rim! why must you be so god damn addicting? (roll up the win I mean, I could not be fussed by coffee) and I can't even win. I would have better odds if I played the slots.



I decided this year I will keep track of my rolling of the rim winnings. For far 0-1...let the count be on.

lets be proud to be canadian!

I love the olympics...ok I know that seems like a pretty basic statement. But they seem really be a time when the world comes together, for once everyone seems to be on the same page. Like with hockey, I am convinced that every Canadian was watching it tonight.....or close to it. Proof of this being at work the resturant was dead, but in the bar where the tv was everything was bumping, beer was flowing and people werre cheering. Except for the people on the slots, then continued with thier usually routine, I doubt a visit for team canada dancing in front of them naked wearing only a tea cosy could have gotten them to look up.

It is just cool to think that at the same moment so many other people are doing the exact same thing as you are. Well I think it is cool anyway, probably because I have a hard time finding someone who even watches the same tv shows as me( I know lost has loads of fans but where are they all???)

So YAY a gold in hockey. I have never watched a big game like this in a bar or anything....yeah I was working....and yeah I only got to watch the final minutes of it but it was still a pretty exiciting atmostphere. High fives all around...not literally, who high fives anymore really? But I am pretty sure I saw a few grown men hug...or almost hug. I finally get the hype of watching games in bars. not I just have to wait till the next winter olympics and hopfully this time I will be on the other side of the bar.

And sid the kid got the winning goal........guess he is not going home alone tonight.

Novemeber 16th

This time in november I always think of harry potter. I remember the ps came out on this date.....like ummmm.....8 years ago now? I was in grade 9. LIKE WHOA! So basically I associate novemember with harry potter movies! fun times!

That is all I really have to say. Bascially tomorrow would be alot more awesome if the deathly hallows came out instead of me just having to do some marketing presentation. there are supposed to be more people in the world that fear public speaking than dying. I am totally one of those people. It is not as though I want to die, i just to not worry about dying on a daily basis. Then again if I know i was going to die tomorrow I would probably worry about it.

Yeah so this post is lame. Actually i feel bad for using that word, I only realized I few days ago that it meant someone who had trouble walking. Now I feel like a bit of a tool for using it all the time. Kind of like when people say "that's retarded" if that is frowned upon is saying "that's lame" frowned upon. either way I fear that it might be so I vow to stop.
Last night I saw funny people. While watching the movie I was sad that it was not funnier. Cause I was really looking forward to a hardcore judd apatow comdey.  However thinking back on the movie I enjoyed it. It def did not have the classic one liners like knocked up or superbad did. I think having thsoe movies come out in the same summer totally spoiled me in terms of comedy.  But funny people still had some humorous moments and the ending....at first I was kind of like "wtf mate?" But looking back I think the ending was pretty swell. It is refreashing to have a movie where not eveything works out for the main character! HAHAHAH ADAM SANDLER  that is what you get for being a cheating MANWHORE back in the day] I felt kind of sad for him but I guess that's life, everything ain't all skittles and beer.

I also totally had a crush on seth rogan in this movie *blushes* he was such a sweetie. I would bone him take him out to a nice dinner and a movie  despite his vulgar jokes.

an entry about bacon

Today my love of bacon was crushed. It is a sad day when a love of such a wonderful food is crushed like that.

I decided that for breakfast I would be keen and make myself bacon and eggs. Which is something that I usually do. However today we only had real bacon....the kind that starts off really big and then gets really small. Yeah. Usually my mom buys fake bacon,...healthy bacon if there is such thing. .I always told her to buy the real stuff......she told me real stuff was bad and full of fat and would .....well until today I never actually SAW the bacon shrink. and I never realized that the reason it shrinks is because it was ALL FAT!!!!!ewwwwwww. It actually grossed me out. Like taking it out of the package....it was gross.

However I still ate it...bit my egg was gross...it tasted like bacon. Then my mom felt so bad for me that she made me a new egg....on a non bacon fat pan.

I no see how people in fat food get so easily turned from the food.  I should have worked in fat food, I probably would have made me give of McDonalds so much sooner.

So today on the 21st of June......the first day of summer......my dreams of bacon goodness have been crushed. This is a day a shall remember for a long time....or at least until the next time I have bacon.

and YAY first day of summer. I just wish it was sunny out...of well at least it is warm. It is also a long weekend....discovery day....I do not even know what they discovered but a long weekend is a long weekend and I will take what I can get.

Slide back to a more simple time

Today was technically my first day back from midterm break. However since 2/3 classes was cancelled I like to pretend that I am still on break. LALALALAL NOT LISTENING!! even thought I ended up going to school anyway to pass in an assignment and do some study.....so I decided that I might as weel go to my lone class, which I did. Whatev it is still break in my mind.

Then I went sliding. It was honestly one of the most epic sliding adventures. Siriusly I do not even think I ever slided for that long as a chlid, and I used to do it every day after school. Good times!  It must have been about 3 hours, 3 hours of serious sliding. I just hope I am not fucked for skiing the weekend. Since the sliding was probbaly the first phycial activity I have done in a while........and half of sliding does not tale any activity....that way up is just a bitch. HA ! So yeah I am a total pro slider. Sliding at night is exponentaily cooler than sliding in the day for numerous reasons, the main one being the lack of kids with the parents who assume that because you are over the age of 10 and doing something fun you are up to know good. GAH! people can not understand people just wanting to have a jolly old fun time.....and yes for the record we were sober. HA! So rephrase that people cannot understand teens...actually I am not even a teen...I am supposed to be past that age where I am stereotype in the group that is blamed for eveything bad that ever happens. Ok so people cannot understand why kids/people who are not yet teens but still not old enough to be living in the real would like to have a time without booze. However on another note we did meet some nice drunk people there sliding, but there were just having a time, just like us, only drunk. But still there were best kind. Parents running form them with their children would not be cool.

And then we all held hands and went down the hill. It was beautiful *tear* 

Siriusly....for some reason we thought that would be fun. I only wish I had a pic, it would have been an epic sight. 

I also realized the broad array of "that's what she said" jokes that can come from sliding? 

Go down faster........I wanna be on top...Are you coming up or not? ........heh

Awww sliding, how I have missed it.

I wanna watch lost, my comp is loading it an being slow.

72 weeks

It has been 72 weeks since I have last logged in here, well according to lj it has been. SO like a year and a half, that is a long time. I kept meaning to log in but I thought I forgot my password but then I remembered that I knew it, so here I am. Midterm break is coming up soon. It is pretty sweet most people only get 5 days off but the way my schedule is working out I can take 10 days off and only miss one class. Which is super Mcawesome. I wish I was going away somethere though, sitting on my ass for 10 days seems like a bit of a waste. Actually I am going to go skiing for a couples days over it. Which I am looking forward to, since I have never been skiing before.

I am sitting here putting sticky tabs on my marketing notes., yay for open book exams! and watching thank you for smoking, ha! that movie is great. My dad keeps wlaking in and asking me why I am watching ads. "yes father I sit down and watch ads about smokes just for shits and giggles" 


Its the end of the world as I know it...

 you know what sucks? When you wite and entry then hit the back space button and all is lost but all the tags and title stays....so I am too lazy to rewrite the entry but I shall leave it with the tags. UHGGG


Jul. 30th, 2007

Ok 1 month left off the summer....so one month left to do everything I want to do...........that also means 1 month left till my b-day and believen it or not I have a list of the most random things that I feel the urge to do before I kiss my teen years good bye. Most of them are super Mclame and are stuff that I would look liek  tool doing even like 10 years ago but meh. My personal fave on the list involves going to the arcade and reddeming all my tickets that I had since greade 8...or maybe grade 7....either way there is alot...........wow was I an arcade geek back in the day? nahhhh I really wasn't...............there really was not anything better to do here other than waste my hard earned allowance money there. 

So Dan Rad is the richest teen EVER! I am so proud of him.....he was on the cover of PEOPLE! I need to buy that issue jsut cause. ALSO that issue of people shows that I have ESP. The song Hey there Deliah totally rocks my woolen socks and I am one of those dorks that hears songs and pictures a story for it. Anywhore for this song I pictured a 19 year old girl halfway done uni in ny(duh) but I assumed she was at Colombia for some reason.....maybe cause the is the only ny uni that I know of. I thank the book charmed 3rds for that. But yeah.....I never actually thought that was the actual story behind the song. TRIPPY! Like I read the article and pinched a spaz at my briallance.

I have nothing to write about

Ok that is a lie.......................This was going to be a hp entry....but I am too tired to properly gather my hp thoughts at the moment.....well not tired more like lazy....i had them all typed and press the back space button so I lost them all. SO the idea of typing it again sucks. 

So skin cancer paraonia is setting in. Today this person come to work and had a camera set up....it like took a pic and it got let you see the damage beneth your skin......it was really cool to see yet crazy scary. I was afraid to do it at first since I do enjoy the sun and sunscreen is not always my best friend. But even the doctor person was pretty impressed with me...........like I saw some people pics and it was SCARY like they would be pale as anythging but underneath it would be black. So yeah now I think I might become like sunscreen crazed..............although i heard someone that I know that it is the chemical in the suncreen that casue skin cancer. So it sounds as though I am screwed either way.....unless I avoid all sun.....yeah I will do that cause pale is the new tan!!!! On second though......screw it everything these days give you cancer.....i bet someday someone will tell me that staring at the comp screen is scarring my eyes and I will die sd painful death of eye cancer *knocks on wood*

uggghhh so I feel like I am getting sick.......which sucksssssss. But I am convinced that I shall not get sick since this would be the worst weekend EVER to get sick.. Well getting sick over the summer sucks in general. maybe if I started eating proper meals that would help. 

I saw transformers today. It was pretty good....but I liked the beginning better than the end....it seemed a tad dragged out so I zoned out for a bit where I tried not to think about the upsized drink that I stupidly bought. . But at least the movie was funny......................his parents actually made my life. Although if my parents were like that i would disown them.................actually come to think of it my dad is pretty borderline.

I am totally LOVING that this is like a harry potter month, Harry potter is everywhere!! like everywhere people are talking about and I cannot contain myself........i have taken my dorkiness to a new level I think.  *geeks out* .  My random hp moment for today consisted of explaing horocruxes to someone who never read harry potter by using a deck of cards. And i think it was a pretty soild explanation *is so modest*